Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Prompts

Yesterday was STORY deadline in BC, but for those who want to flash, here are today's prompts (he says hopefully without a prompt in his head)

The pictures are from the chapel.


Nothing reaches here, we cannot be taught. Eat!


Consume! Consume! Consume!

Please try not to think.

Just outside Reading on the A4

Sticky Labels

Baked Apples, Vanilla Custard

Tunnels, Caverns, more tunnels

And then there are the Japanese

The man with the megaphone needs to be moved on

I drive, you sleep, the night is shiny and feral

Smell of Woodsmoke


I am going to invent wool.

Three times a night but once on Fridays


Various CW Ideas

What are you doing for the next ten years?


Canary Wharf, The SS, How Freedom Dies


It will rain, and it will rain, and it will rain, rain, rain...

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