Thursday, February 03, 2011

Prompts Set 0,023

A – Not treading on cracks

B – A train, moving slowly

C - Winter sun rolls up the slopes

D - West Side Story

E - The child speaks before words

F – Joe Sweeney is dying

G – Cardboard offices, plastic restaurants

H – I may have actually sorted my tax

I – How good is it sometimes, to just close your eyes

J - A woman I have never seen before, not seeing now

K - A Story beginning: Menopause. Just one word.

L – Trust me, I'm a doctor

M – Like boys playing on thin ice, waiting for their tragedy


O – What's in a name?

P – It is only love; let's blunder on

Q - Letter from Outcast 17

R – Clingwrap my bleeding, aching heart

S – Rawhide

T – Boy, you gotta carry that weight

U - It's neither pink nor cerise, but it isn't black

V - He didn't drop the paper round, his car was cold

W – Wash then, like Pilate


Y – A nice, gentle, simple cup of tea

Z – Jim Reeves

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