Wednesday, February 09, 2011

0,025 Prompts

A – with astonishment

B – If I should pass through this and become another

C - Talcum

D - I am troubled by the emptiness of graves, by lapping water

E - Oil

F – If I should hear a knock and decide to answer

G – A stage and all us playing

H – Blisters

I – You rise, you wash you read about the times

J - How a nail hammered, how the blood erupts

K - A Story beginning: The naked will be clothed

L – If I should see the sweet-starred Heavens and suddenly understand

M – We will pickle it and return to it later

N - I preferred my lies Goddamned

O – I am like a child who has never seen an apple. You are someone who has never seen the sea

P – Soldier, Spy

Q - Anyone could live here. I do

R – The Kingfisher kills

S – As we walked out that evening, into the sounds of love

T – Numbers, umbrellas, other sundry things

U - Washington

V - Lovers disappearing into woods

W – This is how we will be

X – When the war is over we will talk again

Y – Shelter here, though various ills are within

Z – Upon your Houses!

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