Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Prompts

Barely a twelve month after
Three old shops, all in the name Jones
Do not ask, "What is it?"
Violence upon the roads
Two dark tractors, pausing
A pale light
sawdust bars, the sounds of angry men
A lovely piece of slate
There is a girl standing there
Our life is changed: their coming our beginning
It was a soft October night, summer at last
His quick body
You can cast out past the fish
The sun used to shine, remember?
Leave, then
We heard a distant tapping on the road
A sunrise like military best
She slipped away to die quietly
I love this, as some day a child will love it
I have mislaid the key
For I have known them all already
Only an avenue, dark and nameless
I see the image of a naked man
We did not dare go near them
The entrance is blocked by brambles
Late in the summer the strange horses came

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