Friday, August 01, 2008

JOIN US! Here are prompts and some advice

Please note that there is no "rule" which says you must read "this" set of prompts "NOW" and immediately write a flash.

The purpose of flashing is to UNLEASH, to break your own pre-set rules

but all we want is for you to write fast, unthinking, instinctively, with the gut.

If that means reading lines of poetry or looking at pictures, or listening to music on repeat, that's fine.

If it means reading 1-2-3-4-5 sets of flash prompts, that's fine, too.

What is important is letting rip, writing free of constraints and without planning.


Burning burning burning burning


Children's voices in the orchard

The Pub Quiz

Where the grey light meets the green air

Lost Voices

I have been here before


I remember now. I did not know if it was grief or love

Restless nights

It was now a soft October


I have gone at dusk through narrow streets

A wallet filled with fat


I will always miss her, miss her


The winter evening settles down

Gently, gently

I will row into the current, towards the falls

Tomorrow, then

A South Wales Argus came swirling about my feet

The boys in new kit

Wipe your hand across your mouth, laugh

This hour or so, drinking

Among the Dead Cities

I remember the nights, and the sound of nights

I would like to gently

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