Saturday, August 09, 2008

13 Signed, 37 Flashes, 3 Stories, 4 Poems

Going OK.

Here are some more prompts. I seem to have mislaid some!

Blind eyes like unshelled hard boiled eggs
There was a river
An old man sits next to his beer
I have had lovers, all sub-prime
Thinking of fish we have caught, almost caught
A Red Wheelbarrow
We took turns, and she said yes, then why did it feel wrong?
Once, after a long day of unremitting rain, the sun
What if the road you often took, was moved at night?
Scooping Cream
What if there was never surprise?
The nearest shop is miles away
The life of a leaf
Suddenly there are cattle, rumbling towards McDonalds
Shopping Carts and Rain, and amber light
Now something is in the air
I have heard, the children are returning
DIE, Bond!
If you could unwind history, where to stop…
Of course the world is not enough
Late September
Once I asked my grocer for a perfect potato
Nobody there, just fruit on bramble
Stainless Steel
You said it wasn’t worth the trouble
Day Rises, and quiet
I caught a tremendous fish
I have loved three women, married others

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