Thursday, November 02, 2006

Prompt Block


read, read, read, and read again

allow the connections which the unconscious makes

A mountain range on a day that was twinkling bright and clear - A wedge of broken glass behind him - all I can do is tell what I know - all my life I've tried to put it from me - All my past life is mine no more - and I resumed the struggle - As if the question had been addressed to the causeless uneasiness within him - below, bacon in a skillet - blaming on his boots the faults of his feet - crossing the continental us by night - don't do anything but wait - during the night Sim was born - Eddie Willers could not distinguish the bum's face. - everything resolved and satisfactorily explained - For a long time I would go to bed early. - From the sunset far at the end of the street. - Gas smells awful - he found the corpse covered in a blanket - he grew, steadily. - he lay wailing upon the cold cave stones - he opened a door on darkness - he showed me some of his gold teeth - he was drunk outside Sardi's in a second-hand Rolls-Royce - his blood beat through him a thousand pulses each minute - His head encased in a steel sphere he could never take off - His terrier, Jack - how it ended - How much, how little, is - I can't believe my luck - I can't really say exactly what happened - I did not have time to tell myself - I have eaten the plums - I live in a well - I remember. I remember - I saw a burning tree - I think of you with nothing on - I warn you - I was much too far out all my life - I'm beginning to come round to that opinion - I'm falling asleep - I'm sorry - Imagine you are looking across a desert - In this short life - 'Indeed!" said Mr Jones, "and please - it was a day as fresh as grass growing up and clouds going over - it will not be neatly tied up at the end - it's a murder story too. - I've been right in the thick of it - live like smoke in a well - Mocking and still - Nobody heard him, the dead man - not by me it won't anyway - nothing to be done - now if you don't like that sort of story - on the campaign cot where he had always slept - or if it has ended - or why or just how it began - Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun the moon and dismantle the sun - rain beat very hard against the windows - Reflected the metal yellow of the sky - Remember me when I am gone away - reminded him of unrequited love - Right in the middle of her forehead - "Send me the half that's got my keys - Sometimes, the candle barely out, my eyes closed so quickly - Still two years old and trembling at his feet - "There's been an accident!" they said. - That only lasts an hour - That were in the icebox - the cellar was cold cement and the dead man cold stone - The chain of the hours - The eyes looked straight at Eddie Willers - the first time I ever saw Larry Bartzel - The flying hours are gone - The house where I was born - The light was ebbing - The order of the heavenly bodies - the scent of bitter almonds - The sequence of the years - Then a mile of sea-scented beach - There was a lot Larry said that was gibberish to them - there was a tall blonde with him - there's man all over for you - They may not mean to, but they do - They took my life and threw it on the skip - They were waiting for me somewhere beneath Eden Rock - this is a true story, I can't believe it's really happening - unanswered questions - vapour in a stone throat - Vladimir be reasonable, you haven't tried everything - what are days for? - what you got on me? - what you're starting to read is full of loose ends - When a man is asleep he has, in a circle around him - who had eyes you wouldn't forget - Who is John Galt? - Within our power - Yellow glints caught his eyes. - you better not read it - You might as well live - Your servant's cut in half," he's dead. -

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