Friday, November 24, 2006

Fast Work if You Can Get It!

Feeling good after last night's H E Bates 1-2 for Boot Camp but even better knowing that last Thursday-Friday's Childen-in-Need marathon produced 346 stories, that every one has had 5 critiques, some as many as 10, that I critted the whole damn lot of them, and, and, and, at 01:15 Thursday Night into Friday I printed off the first copy of the Anthology!

I deliver the PDF this morning and the anthologies will be in my sticky paws by close of business.

How's that? A week earlier than the pros did it last year.

The Marathoneers

Adam Warren
Alex Keegan
Alex Wire
Antony Davies
Barbara Godwin
Bonzo Browne
Cally Taylor
Caroline Davies
Cedric Popa
Christine Tothill
Colin Upton
Dan Malach
Fleur Chapman
Joel Willans
Kenneth Shand
Laurie Porter
Louise Graves
Michael J Hulme
Nancy Saunders
Nigel Allison
Ralph Hockley
Tom Conoby
Toni Peers
Vanessa Gebbie

Burco Con
Dave Prescott
Kirsty Davies
Jacob Andelin

Alexander Fox

Special thanks to Lexie Fox for staying up the whole thirty hours to send out the prompts by email.
Thanks to Kirsty & Jacob who were unable to take part but nevertheless raised sponsorship monies.
Thanks also to “Burco” who was taken ill early in the night, and to Dave who was “distracted”.

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