Sunday, November 05, 2006

More Success & Bonfire Day Prompts

Lexie and Fleur are shortlisted at Fish for the Story in a Page Comp (results TBA), ClaireLT has a hit at "Mama" taking us to 69 Prizes/Places for the year, 202 Hits

Here Are Today's Prompts

I Have Never Travelled, I Have Never Been Here

iPod, Mobile, Headband, Belt

It was late, late in the evening

Learning German

Letters for the rich, letters for the poor, the shop on the corner, the girl next door

National Euthanasia Day

On the darkening wind a pale face floated

Sometimes a man aims high and things go well

The Importance of Not being Caught

The Smell of Roasting Hedgehog

Timothy Winters Comes to School, Eyes as Wide as a Football Pool

Who Wants to Be a Milionaire?

Yes, yours, my love, is the right human face

You Walking Away from me towards the school

A Guy Called Guy

An Inconvenient Truth

An Old Man Playing Football v 13 Indian Waiters

And the whispers of wind in the evening sky

Catherine's Wheals

Ears Like Bombs and Teeth Like Splinters

Everyone's pain has a different smell


Got a Rocket in Your Pocket

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