Monday, August 28, 2006

Two Sets

Back from a few days in Paris (Jeez my feet still ache)

Two different sets of prompts posted in BC for the Daily Flash Session.

Never Had it So Good


The Smell of the News-of-the-World and Roast Beef

Vespa, Soho

Family & Kinship in East London

Gaggia Nights

When I read in the paper

a new car, a refrigerator, and a TV screen

Madrid is Full of Boys Called Paco

The Gambler, The Nin and the Radio

The Quick Red Fox

What a Difference in Jean Since She Was put on Horlicks

Amazing Race

A Tiger in the Bedroom

Hunter's Wife, Hunter's Wellies

Make Hunger History

The Great Lollipop Debate

Why They Don't Learn to Speak English Like What I Do

The Misrepresentation of Casanova

Tiny Tears

Why Did the Crocodile Cry?

The Oldest Gig in Town

The Importance of Being Burnished

Milky Coffee in a Bowl, Warm Croissants

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