Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Last Night, and a Coupla Hits, and Today

Yesterday in BC we had a set of flash prompts, all were invited to write a flash and we met at 10PM "live" to discuss the batch. It went well with six posted flashes, 37 critiques and almost all the flashes placeable with the odd tweak.

Another example of focus and incentive turning a dull time into a productive one. We plan to do the same today/tonight. If you are non-BC and care to join us for the session, email me, alex.keegan at

Before I post today's prompts, note a couple more hits, one is another flash from our July Blast (they are starting to land now). One story goes in RAW the other in Smokebox.


All Greek To Me

But then again, it was a Friday...

Do You Like Pie?

The Moment he Climbed Into the Lorry and Left the Compound

Ways of Dying

The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit


On the Importance of Never Being Caught


The Taming of the Shoe

Pink Skin, Black Heart

Her Magic Cloak, Again

High Definition, Divorce

Green, Green, Green Oh Green!

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