Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday on My Mnd

Another Blast for a Day, Folks.

You know where we are

Here are the Prompts

His Wife Rang Me and Asked Me Straight Out


Tree of Night

Child, Beauty, Pageant

Jeremy and the Oggle-Goggle Box

Credit the Jew

Puke, Puce.

Believed to Be Carrying a Liquid


On My Left is, On my Right

A Story Told Via a (TV's) Big Brother Scenario

Nazis and Testicles, the Truth

A Mink of One's Own

One day in the Life of Ivan Ellavanitch

The Man Who Looked Like Hitler

If George Best Had Been Scottish (and Played Bowls)

Why Time Travel Didn't Work Next Year


So Ugly He might Be Swedish

I Love Jennifer Eccles

Love, the Bloody Armistice: Discuss.

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