Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Publications Update

A flurry of recent publications for Boot Campers taking us to 59 or the year to date.

Here's a list;

01 Eclectica 01-01 Moulding Reality (Nancy) $100
02 Eclectica 01-01 Thoughts of an Otherwise Nature (Nancy)
03 Eclectica 01-01 Getting Bendy With Apeneck Sweeney (Nancy)
04 Eclectica 01-01 The Clock Has Struck 13 (Nartje) $50
05 Eclectica 01-01 Footballers (Fleur) $25
06 Eclectica 01-01 Blue (Colin Upton)
07 Eclectica 01-01 Yellow (Tom Conoboy)
08 Eclectica 01-01 Updike Messes With the Wrong Steward (Dave Prescott)
09 Eclectica 01-01 Shock and Awe (Dave Prescott)
10 Eclectica 01-01 Night Classes (Alex)

11 Eclectica Fiction 01-01 Rules Rules Rules (Walter)
12 Flashquake 01-01 Waiting For Kate ("Laura Sixpence")
13 Cadenza Magazine "Ten" Lexie
14 Cadenza Magazine "African Story" Fleur
15 Leaf Books "The Greengrocer's Apostrophe" Lexie
16 "The Devil" at Opium (by Jason Jackson)
17 TomC's second place story at Mad Hatter's Review
18 Alex's "Done!" in Leaf Anthology
19 Nartje's"Hit & Run" in Leaf Anthology
20 TomC "Four Horsemen" at Defenestration

21 Alex "Hennesy Drives" in Southern Ocean Review (Print/Web)
22 Dave "It's You I Want" Buzzwords 30
23 Lexie "Under the Hollyhocks" Buzzwords 30
24 Tom "A Lack of Control" Buzzwords 30
25 Alex "Meredith Twp Evans" Buzzwords 30
26 Lexie "State of Being" up at HISAAC
27 Dave "God Bless" in Smokebox
28 MJH "Stuntman" in Smokebox
29 Alex "Race For Life" in Smokebox
30 Cally Story in Aesthetica 12

31 Lexie's story now out in the Asham paperback
32 TomC's "Father Figures" at Scorched Earth
33 Sadness Lola from MJH at Thieves Jargon
34 Chrissie's "Pink" at Quicktion
35 Caroline's "Observatory" at Green Silk
36 TomC "Martha' at Cautionary Tale
37 Cradle Song for Isobel FirstWriter Magazine (PDF) Lexie
38 Joel story in Route Anthology (Print)
39 John Dee & Jack Carmen at Archipelago (Alex)
40 Kite at Outsider Inc by MJH

41 Uncle Freda goes too far by TomC at Prosetoad
42 Toadaphone is up there also! (MJH)
43 Smokebox "Eyes Sticking Out of Head" Issy
44 Smokebox XXXXXX by Chrissie
45 Rose & Thorn "OxBow Lake by Tom C
46 Opium "Lindy Layotna" by MJH
47 Eclectica 18 Months in 18 Minutes (MJH)
48 Southern Ocean Review "Sam's Lake" Alex
49 Miguel, Who Cuts Down Trees: Alsop Review: Alex
50 Dee, A Dancer:Alsop Review: Alex

51 Obelisk:Alsop Review: Alex
52 The Bastard William Williams: Alsop Review: Alex
53 Love Thy Enemy: Scifantastic: Joel
54 Rain: "The Lie of the Land": Alex
55 Dictionary of Poodles: Green Muse: TomC
56 To Miss Powell, 1960: "The Lie of the Land": Alex
57 Shopping Crazy: Green Muse: Joel
58 Lions: : Colin
59 Walls: "The Lie of the Land" : Alex


01 COLIN wins Eurofiction First Prize at Slingink (£100?)
02 LEXIE wins Second Place Dame Elizabeth Throckmorton ($125)
03 ALEX makes final 12 of Night Train's "Yates" Competition
04 CALLY has "Odd Socks" accepted for Print Mag
05 Caroline (nightwriter) places a poem at GreenSilk
06 CHRIS places Flash, "Cherry Pie" at Smokebox
07 CHRIS places "Pink Stinks" at Quicktion
08 TOMC places Flash "One Kiss" at Smokebox
09 ISSY place "CIN Flash "Eyes" at Smokebox
10 CHRIS places Flash "The Harrogate Question" at Smokebox
11 ALEX makes final (anthology) at Leaf Books Poetry
12 LAURIE makes final (anthology) at Leaf Books Poetry
13 MJH places story at BBC Radio Norfolk to be broadcast Feb14
14 TOMC places CIN Flash "Clouds of Witness" at Wild
15 Colin story at Buzzwords
16 Lexie HR at HISAAC with "States of Being
17 Lexie finalist at HISAAC with second
18 Lexie 3rd in 7Q FF9
19 MJH Joint First in 7Q FF9
20 Dave Joint First in 7Q
21 MJH places "Kites" at Outsider Ink
22 Alex places "John Dee" at top mag
23 TomC Finalist at Hisaac
24 TomC story at Scorched Earth
25 Lexie wins Adult SS of the Year at Kille ($600)
26 CHRIS places "Mummy Says" at print mag
27 MJH places "Loloa, Sadness" at Thieves Jargon
28 TomC $100 Second in JBWB
29 Colin HR at JBWB
30 TomC Finalist in Australian Comp, results TBA
31 Alex accepted at US Print Mag
32 Alex accepted at US Print Mag
33 Alex "Race For Life" in
34 Cally in Final of Belvedere
35 CLT has 3 micro-flashes accepted by Flash
36 Alex FIRST PLACE in Pencil, Ireland $300
37 Lexie Shortlist Fish Prize (1) Anthology ($100)
38 Lexie Shortlist Fish Prize (2)
39 Cally Wins Dark Tales $80
40 Joels gets Print Hit at
41 Tom Conoboy places CIN Flash at Identity
42 Caroline (nightwriter) has story featured at Writelink
43 Joel has story accepted for Print Anthology, Route
44 Sam's Lake (Alex) for Southern Ocean Review
45 Squidboy taken by Strange Horizons (MJH) ($100)
46 Toadaphone taken by Prose Toad (MJH
47 Saucy Vox Magazine take Joel's "Shopping Crazy
48 MJH places story at Cautionary
49 Fleur Top 3 Seventh Quark FF-10
50 Dave Top 3 Seventh Quark FF-10
51 Lexie Top 3 Seventh Quark FF-10
52 Hazera wins Doorknobs Mini-Comp
53 Chrissie gets an acceptance at QWF
54 Tom places Baby Soup at Heavy Glow
55 Dave places story at Lampshade
56 TomC places story at Prose Toad
57 Alex "Napalm" to ISJ
58 Dave places story at
59 Alex "Disease of Competence" to ISJ
60 Caroline (nightwriter) Poems to be included in Poetry Library website
61 Haz listed in Vest of the Web
62 Lexie story at Words
63 Lexie $200 3rd at The New Writer with Roundabouts
64 MJH has a story accepted by Southern Ocean Review
65 MJH has story accepted by Eclectica
66 MJH has story accepted by Wild Violets
67 TomC's story "Thought Game" accepted by Word Riot
68 TomC's "Nanook of the South" accepted by Barfing Frog
69 Lexie Shortlisted Writers Forum
70 Lexie FIRST PLACE ($1,000) Cotswold Writers
71 Nightwriter Flash to EarlyWorkPress
72 TomC "The Elephant in the Corner" to The Big Jewel
73 Cally has THREE stories shortlisted at Slingink Comp
74 Colu (and Colin has two shortlisted, also)
75 Cally FIRST PLACE Bank Street Writers SS Comp
76 Alex, last 3 "Overseas Story" in Carve Published later this year
77 ColU HR'd in Bank Street SS Comp
78 Alex "The Long & the Short of It" ISJ
79 Alex "More on Napalm" ISJ
80 Alex "Not Enough Hints For Mrs GoLightly" ISJ
81 Alex "Well a Novel It Isn't" ISJ
82 Nightwriter Article at Bewildering Stories                       
83 Nightwriter SS at Bewildering Stories                       
84 Colin U gets £100 story at                       
85 Alex wins Lichfield Prize $250                        
86 Alex Miguel Who Cuts Dow Trees, Alsop Review                       
87 Alex Obelisk, Alsop Review                       
88 Alex Bastard William Williams, Alsop Review                       
89 Alex Dee, a Dancer, Alsop Review                       
90 TomC 4th in Twisted Tongue                       
91 Dave gets "Leviathan" in Aesthetica         
92 TpmC Places at Green Muse
93 Cally Joint Second Place at Writers Dock
94 TomC gets hit at Secret Attic
95 Chrissie Flash 01 at Bright Light
96 Chrissie Flash 01 at Bright Light    
97 Alex Finalist 01 at  (RESULT TBA)        
98 Alex Finalist 02 at  (RESULT TBA)  
99 Lexie Finalist 01 at   (RESULT TBA)  
100 Lexie Finalist 02 at (RESULT TBA)  
101 TomC places at Cezanne's Carrot
102 Colin Hit at "Thirst For Fire"
103 Gabby story to be podcasted by Slingink
104 TomC "Beyond the Terminus" at "The Harrow"
105 TomC hit at Altar Magazine
106 Nightwriter poem accepted at Poetry Monthly

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