Friday, May 05, 2006

Holier Than Thou

Have to travel to Wales and back today, neeting architects for the chapel, but didn't want to miss a run.

So, I say to Debs, fancy a run at 05:30?

She said OK, silly woman. So, OK, we only have time for 4K, but we dunnit!

Here are today's prompts from BC

There and Back in a Day

Purple Patch, Swan Song, You Hear That Elvis?

Escape Stayman

Thinking About California

Friendly, Windsor, Keep it Simple

Handsome Is as Handsome Doesn't

The Corgis and I

The Forest, Dawn, Footsteps

Cloud, Castle, Lake

The Mirror of Ink

In Defence of English Cooking

Black is as Dark as You Think It

Riding the Bullet

Lassie, Rabies, End of a Fairy Story

Chinky, Chinky Chinaman, Running Up the Stairs


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