Wednesday, May 03, 2006

One More! (And Prompts)

After a fast-running start to May with seven hits (4 competition finals, results TBA) another hit, this time from ColinU with a story at Thirst For Fire. And we have been bemoaning how quiet it is in BC, how slack it's been.

Here are this morning's prompts


Dear Sir, or Perhaps, Madam

Caravan, Policeman

Mixed Nuts, Raisins, Trail Mix

The Age of the Gladiators

The Bridge Now Crosses the Severn Wide
And they Collect the Tolls, On the English Side

Blossom, Dearie & Sweetness, Solicitors


What Sticks to a Blanket

The Thirteenth Caesar

The Twenty-Eighth Man

Writer, Writer, Occassional Spy

Google 8URD

Frailty, Thy Name is Woman

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