Thursday, February 04, 2021

 The legions are coming!

I like many things, but best, the dark things
Crawling to Slough

Can you tell me the settlement figure?
They took the calf away bty barrow
Every ‘plane above my head

Before agency, life is tedious
Reading treasure Island beneath the covers
Two-Way Family Favourites

Poeticus Interruptus
The clunging clock in Grandfather’s Hall
from the bath you leave dry footprints

I almost went there once but changed my mind
Kicking strangers in the head
How a damp ceiling says “corruption”

The softer cotton of your underskirt
My heart feels settled, quieter
Raw Green Flesh

We could call it a vacation!
Our silences are not the same
Looking past the goldfish in the globe

My eyes clenched tight-shut - orange!
A PUBIC right of way
My wicked life in the Sahara

We could take a rocket to the moon!
House smell differently now
He breathes out bubbles which is not good.

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