Tuesday, February 09, 2021


Yes, I have certain hopes
Hamburger Grillers in the Mist
We will shortly connect you to one of our advisors

Singing in Wookey Hole
The Many Rivers Underground
Interviews with Angels

Melons, Lemons, Bananas
Higher up the Mountain, greener grows the grass
The Ode Less Traveled

Nurse! Nurse!
The doctor should be here by Friday
A single photon of light

The Ferry Queen
How Women Get Minks
Like a glow-worm at midnight in a coal-shed

£20 to spend in M&S
Satan’s nephew
Afternoon Tea at the Ritz with Michelle

Old men playing cribbage
Dance of cadavers
My gloves, my mask, my bobble-hat

A Poem about potatoes
What wooden fences think of trees
Old, fading, he died quietly by the stove

The stables at midnight
The Deaths of many poets
The Problem with Albert’s Nose

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