Wednesday, December 30, 2020

 Wednesday, December 30th


She stares like a Dalek’s Eye-Stalk
In the womb, was I good or waiting?
By a pond: Winter
The sniper on his summer break
She walks in blazing, like a chandileer
The snail seeking salt
The tedious riddles called memory
Lock the door and beat the children
A spring is broken in my 3-piece suite
Dental hygiene the old way
Regret is burning me
Able seaman Faversham-Black
Stark mad the man who’d love her
The Daleks have learned to climb stairs
My ex-girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend’s ex
The things I once loved have withered so
Two bedrooms, kitchen-lounge-diner
The Kingdom of Evan is at hand
Beach-ball, Landmine, wire
The Earth is eyeless but it feels
It’s a kind of chocolate
May flaps in
My inside is outside: not good.
Time drew on but you did not come
Sadly, I look like my passport picture
I saw a snake, an actual snake
The horse lumbering; the stuttering plough

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