Monday, December 14, 2020

 2021-02 Prompts

Monday, December 14th, 08:13

00,026 The smell of McDonalds down some alleyway
00,027 Shopping in Primark
00,028 Flashing her hair away from her slender neck
00,029 Glow-worms, spliffs, academics, cheap wine
00,030 Almost The Canterbury Tales
00,031 From the hill I saw a slated tenement
00,032 If you look in my mirror, who do you see?
00,033 The various disappointments of women
00,034 The Wife of Slough
00,035 When a cat shits in your bed
00,036 Cold Monday Morning, Brighton, November
00,037 Something serene, soft, fawn
00,038 Forty-two! Was I really that old?
00,039 Waking too early
00,040 101 Letters home from the Somme
00,041 Dreamboats get barnacles and the paint fades
00,042 Cars puttered up deserted streets
00,043 It would be good if you could be an hour late
00,044 I will buy a house
00,045 We want to re-unite you with your Zurich Plan
00,046 By afternoon she is teasing him
00,047 Paths to Glory
00,048 The black water night dotted with swans
00,049 Her face dances round him like sparks from a winter fire
00,050 Boats puddle by

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