Tuesday, March 03, 2015

March prompts 4

Boot Camp Keegan March Do



 (Mar 03 2015) 10:07

1351 They say depression is a physical thing
1352 What if weather is the world talking?
1353 The wonderful dust
1354 Coming down the middle of the street, brazen
1355 Howitzer

1356 Make me some mash and mint-gravy. Fuck the rest
1357 Let me be blunt, being old is shit.
1358 When night spins and cries
1359 I feel a poem not coming on
1360 We expected her on the hour or shortly thereafter

1361 Eany-Meany-Miney-Mo
1362 There is a certain grammar to our mutual hatred
1363 Wall Street burns
1364 Counting dead stars
1365 Jim Bowie, and the man with the racoon-tailed hat

1366 I will marry late, or perhaps be a monk
1367 He may have been called Franscois
1368 Let us call this an exercise in revenge
1369 A White Rolls-Royce
1370 Peter Piper Picked a Fucking Pepper

1371 When Colin Hicks lost an eye
1372 Fold the flag slowly
1373 I may learn to like The Independent
1374 Scrumping on The Thousand Acres
1375 Sudoku in the centre-spread, bile everywhere else

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