Monday, March 02, 2015

March Prompts 3

Boot Camp Keegan's March Thing
(Mar 02 2015) 08:07 

1326 Morning cinders, the small rituals
1327 TIN
1328 The clock in great granddad's house
1329 Coal-house, out-house, alleys
1330 Please don't turn around
1331 Brass tools, scuttles, gas-pokers, chilblains
1332 You are both eight, swimming together
1333 Love can choke too
1334 Chestnuts, crumpets, ash, a focus
1335 The terrible memory of older pains
1336 Rolling beneath dispassionate light
1338 There was something about coal
1339 Pantry, sink, milk on the doorstep
1340 When your mother was a virgin
1341 God is a little unwell
1342 Your closed frontiers
1343 The debris under cliffs
1344 Smaller, quicker than a ferret's dick
1345 Twigging
1346 Behind us, waiting, was a small TV
1347 The day geometry failed
1348 Coke Joke
1349 For no particular reason, I think you should suffer
1350 When telephones were black and waited for news

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