Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014-007 Prompts

Sorry, was away on domestic duties (and away again tonight!)


Container ship

Please attend, it is my Last Supper

This was how we met, Fuck-Up Number One


He might be waving, but I think he's drowning

The second cut is deepest

Pleas turn the light off; I don't mind the dark

Peach Blossom

On re-entry one danger is friction burns

We left - I had to leave - before I could tell you

There is glass between us and no sound


The roar of engines, the sadness in the seats


We reached the water and knelt

How the brush dances in the artist's light


I have been noticing, but keeping my counsel


The ache can spread until we are only ache

The next time we looked

So I am cleaning the kitchen

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