Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014-002 Prompts

Prompts for a Flash or Story

Use one, two, many or all, exactly, inexactly or merely to prompt

Let the unconscious loose!


The sound of the bath filling


Softly, like a phone in bed


He is many things but a gentle caller


The space between our breaths


A Distraction of Wives

The tightness in the moment, the beat of the unsaid

We could be driving home, or dying

I guess we have to get rid of her things

Moments, locations, coincidences

School of Love

Just another dog in the rain

How does it become love, what becomes?

In a house with four ovens, ten beds, a balcony

A beach

A Letter From Canoe 178

When love is material and the heart begins to blur

A road climbs past the W I.

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