Monday, June 18, 2012

The Benford Plagiarism Dossier 14

This is now being investigated by The London TIMES, Writers News, The Open University and is being reported to the UK police.

Please explain why, despite absolute PROOF, you are still selling plagiarised work

My telephone is 044 07492 070280

Alex Keegan

Begin forwarded message:

From: Alex Keegan
Subject: Serious Plagiarism by Amazon Author
Date: 15 June 2012 13:58:09 GMT+01:00

You have been investigating JOANNE BENFORD and DR JOANNE BENFORD

for multiple incidences of plagiarism

SOME have been removed (She has been kicked off LULU and Apple iBooks and Smashwords

However I am extremely disappointed by Amazon to date for the following reasons

Ring of Elements

Contains my story "Postcards From BalloonLand" and a dozen other copyright infringements

This is mine: ‘There are things we should say, things we should not. And there are things we want to say but have never learned how.’

It still has not been removed

Cafe Ultima

is a total rip off of another author

It still has not been removed

The Music of the Spheres

rips off Aleister Crowley

But what concerns me is that you have so far removed 15/26 items so over 50% has been proved to be theft

Why is she still represented by Amazon?

Telephone me 044-1635-34317

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