Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14 Flash Blast Prompt-List 3

May 14 Flash Blast Prompt-List 3

01 He pointed to the chimneys and grinned

02 I have no appetite now

03 There are fires in the street, and kissing

04 A corned-beef sandwich

05 He wanted to be a vicar. Or a Commando.

06 War Picture Library

07 Various curly moustaches

08 Tits and Bikes

09 Professor Poet's Desk

10 Fifty fat men and a nurse

11 Dear Mother, I resign.

12 Here's a few bob to be going on with.

13 It's an annual, of course it's once a year

14 Leprosy

15 Spare balls from the Eunuch Factory

16 Sex would be nice, but do you have Sky?

17 They painted the bedroom yellow, with yellow drapes

18 Wellies full of water

19 Like a normal lover

20 I imagine it's sort of like coal, or chicken

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