Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14 Flash Blast Prompt List 2

May 14 Flash Blast Prompt List 2

Feel free to join us at BC or contact Alex for rules if you'd like to partake

01 Mr Daley is in charge of football

02 Not until after he died

03 Swastikas and Stuff

04 Ladies, Gents, that old porcelain, that definite smell

05 The words chiseled out of the brick

06 There were rumours, the smoke, but some saw the fire

07 We did it as often as we could

08 Sometimes things are just complicated

09 A little silver plane, a big propellor, an elastic band

10 Or Army Surplus

11 What he wanted was to ambush love

12 He dived like a frog. Shrapnel, his wife said.

13 In a dug out, playing cards

14 The flush of love, how guilt blooms

15 Russians, Americans, Desert Rats

16 The nearest tobacconist

17 He was dead alright, cut open, bursted out

18 Most of the bastards in cots, orphans in beds

19 A girl called Sarah Tunnicliffe

20 Somewhere in Leeds, near a big cemetery

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