Saturday, November 13, 2010

Prompts 13 Nov

The babies, combs, ribbons

We gathered at night, drifting in

A T-Bone steak for a dime

The winter evening settles down

We were living in trees, but we were living

Sometimes there comes, as if of darkness made

We club the children, not for sport, but they breed so, and their skins

Oh 1914!

Why has that gentleman fallen, does he eat the earth?

Horrible Headline 13


A bouquet, there is no question, simmering mussels, and somewhere, sex

I wondered lonely and all that shit

I have trouble with my nerves

Hug a plastic tree

What kind of staircase would Madam like?

There's this way, that way, which way

I am a dot, not like the other dots. Really

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