Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Frantic Flasher Until End-Feb for Haiti

We aim to raise money for charity at this Facebook Group


and at Boot Camp


In the first instance (for a few warm up days then all of February) the charity will be Haiti.

Members pay £20 to join. This is £10 for the anthology and £10 to Haiti

After that we raise money as follows.

Every Day we post a set of prompts, at least one set in the morning and one at night, probably more.

Members get the prompts by email at the set times and can flash "immediately" in response to one or more of the prompts.

They get a maximum of 70 minutes. Miss the cut-off you're not in the pot for that time slot.

We run a competitions as follows.

Entry (per flash) is £5. Every £300 collected is split, £150 to Haiti Relief, £100 Prize, £25 second prize, £25 to a pool for the Grand Prize. While we are raising money for Haiti, there will be deductions for judges etc, no deductions at all.


We would like all members/entrants to raise sponsorship either for "total words written" or "number of stories" (between now and End-February (for Haiti)

100 Members would raise 1,000 in joining fees, whatever "excess" or profit is left from the anthology, and half of any entry fees, plus sponsorship

Imagine 100 Members, entering an average of ten stories in the month and managing £500 sponsorship from friends, family, businesses

010 Joining Fee
002 Profit from Anthology
025 50% donation
500 Sponsorship

537 x 100 = 53,700

Meanwhile we have had 1,000 stories, 10-20 £100 First Prizes, loads and loads of writing fun, and we finish with a grand prize and a great anthology.


Absolutely YES!

We have run highly successful "Blasts", run Frantic Flashes (more than ten competitions), have a daily flash system already, and raised tens of thousands for Children in Need.

Please join us. Tell your friends.

Sponsorship for individuals will be handled by the individuals. We will only collect the joining fee and flash entry fees.


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