Tuesday, September 08, 2009

September 08:01 Prompts


The grey sea and thew long black land

Trying to lose the pick-up

Every day is a fresh ending

Bloody men are like bloody tractors

I have no name, call me Thing

The winter evening slides quietly into sleep

Slippery as a slippery thing

My Dear, where now?

We were doing fine, until the bed...

Lay your head on my chest, let's pretend we're OK

I've been brought back, not sure why

How you call to me, aching on the night

Darling, don't take it literally AND personally

My life has ended a few times

First they came for

Turning and turning and turning. Turning

Like Ice. Like Fire. Like ice upon a fire

I am not me even when it looks that way

Time doesn't mend this

White. Soft. Sweet.

The milk-buckets are frozen

I would like a cigarette now

Mercy. Pity. Peace. Love.

Somewhere in the clouds, falling.

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