Friday, September 04, 2009

Prompts September 04:01

A story beginning: "The trouble with stories is..."

Listening to the Other Sam Browne


Some nights you can hear them

This is England

What we call the beginning

He looked sweet, he did look sweet

Coventry, Milton-Keynes, Welwyn Garden City

Absolve them!

Somebody's Thinking of You Tonight

It's not that easy when your soul is torn in two

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Don't look so eager to leave


I'm on a Diet of Love

Forgive me, I was trying to say something nice


Pennies From Heaven


I'd like to say we could be friends, Jack


Are you glad she lost the love of her life?

White Paper, Pen

I met my ten-year old self; a curious boy. He was frightened by me

On a rope over the water

A story ending: "But it could have been, it could have been."

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