Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stats Update 2 2008 HITS $721

001 0,000 Dan in Print at Ascent Aspirations, US Mag with "Once in a Bloodless land"

002 0,001 Tom earns $1 for a poem in on-line mag

003 0,100 Nancy wins $100 C-i-N Anthology with "Smollensky"

004 0,000 Cally Second in C-i-N Anthology with "The Creature Between Us"

005 0,600 Jason Jackson wins $600 First Prize at Writers Forum with "Final Knockings"

006 0,020 TomC gets twenty bucks from "Big Pulp" for "Skin Like Shining Armour"

007 0,000 Caly gets into print mag Aesthetica with "Waiting For Julia"

999 0,721 Dollars

Further NOTES (Small Hits)

CIN Anthology

Though many of the entrants are in-house BCers, there were still many stories to beat and a third of the entrants were not current BCers.

There is just the first prize to award (Nancy Saunders) but the awards would be 1-2-3 with only one prize per person

1 Nancy Saunders
2 Cally Taylor
3 Jonathan Pinnock (non-BC)

IMO the others are WORTH hits, but we should call them notes.

16 Smollensky - Nancy Saunders
07 There is Only One Story - Nancy Saunders
06 Creature Between Us - Cally Taylor
04 Dog Maths - Jonathan Pinnock
04 3-Headed Penis - Dan Malach
03 Click-Sparrow - Cally Taylor
03 8 out of 10 Cats - Antony Davies (non-BC but ex-BC)
03 Fig(ht) - Dave Prescott (non-BC, but ex-BC)
02 Sword in Garden - Nancy Saunders
02 Ignorance of Men - Tom Conoboy
01 Big George - Colin Upton
01 Grab Attention - Jonathan Pinnock (non-BC)
01 Heavy Boots - Jonathan Pinnock (non-BC)
01 Walking by the Beach - Tom Conoboy

Caroline has had two acceptances for poems at ????? which she prefers to recod as notes and not full hits

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