Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All the January Hits..

Here is January as a snapshot

11 Hits, THREE first prizes, two seconds and a third


001 0,000 Dan in Print at Ascent Aspirations, US Mag with "Once in a Bloodless land"

002 0,001 Tom earns $1 for a poem in on-line mag http://www.geocities.com/theshantytownanomaly

003 0,100 Nancy wins $100 C-i-N Anthology with "Smollensky"

004 0,000 Cally Second in C-i-N Anthology with "The Creature Between Us"

005 0,600 Jason Jackson wins $600 First Prize at Writers Forum with "Final Knockings"

006 0,020 TomC gets twenty bucks from "Big Pulp" for "Skin Like Shining Armour"

007 0,000 Cally gets into print mag Aesthetica with "Waiting For Julia"

2008-008 Tom C places a poem at the shantytownanolmaly and earns $1

2008-009 Claire places a CIN poem at ezine "Apt"

2008-010 Another CIN hit, this time Rupert places "The Sparrow" at Southern Ocean Review

2008-011 Jason Jackson $50 3rd place at JBWB Short Story Comp

2008-012 Caroline wins $200 First Prize at JBWB (Poetry)

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