Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Why Not Drop In?

We are posting a set of prompts for 7PM (UK Time) tonight at Boot Camp, folks have up to three hours to write a flash or a full story and post it via Alex. alex.keegan(at sign) if you prefer the story to be anonymously commented on, or as a post in the public area of Boot Camp if you don't care.

We then meet up again (same place) at ten PM and begin discussing the stories.

Feel free to join in, but email AK so he knows you are "in".

Here are this morning's prompts

Tea, Run, Story, School, 9AM

Gin House Blues


The Last Match

The Blacksmith's Arm

Thomas the Tank Engine

Billy and the Shoes

Nuts & Raisins

Reasons to Be Cheerful One-Two-Three

La ci darem la mano

Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know

Sane, Good and Fucking Boring


Hills, Rivers, Grey


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