Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Two Day Binge, Another First Prize!

I lost web access for 36 hours but came back on line to eight more Boot Camp Hits, another First Prize ($250) in The Lichfield, and ColinU with a nice hit at who pay £100

April is looking better now with 19 Hits, two first prizes

We also had two ex-BCer's HRd (congratulations Laurie!)
in the same comps (but we don't count these in our stats).


71 Nightwriter Flash to EarlyWorkPress
72 TomC "The Elephant in the Corner" to The Big Jewel
73 Cally has THREE stories shortlisted at Slingink Comp
74 Colu (and Colin has two shortlisted, also)
75 Cally FIRST PLACE Bank Street Writers SS Comp
76 Alex, (to be announced)
77 TomC HR'd in Bank Street SS Comp
78 Alex "The Long & the Short of It" ISJ
79 Alex "More on Napalm" ISJ
80 Alex "Not Enough Hints For Mrs GoLightly" ISJ
81 Alex "Well a Novel It Isn't" ISJ
82 Nightwriter Article at Bewildering Stories
83 Nightwriter SS at Bewildering Stories
84 Colin U gets £100 story at
85 R Jones FIRST PLACE Lichfield Prize $250
86 Alex Miguel Who Cuts Down Trees, Alsop Review
87 Alex Obelisk, Alsop Review
88 Alex Bastard William Williams, Alsop Review
89 Dee, a Dancer, Alsop Review

So that's 89 for the year now, $3,540


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