Friday, March 31, 2006

That Was Our 97th!

Just Checking and yesterday's £500 winner for Boot Camp was our 97th First Prize.

We should be looking for our 100th First by the Summer!

To see the full list, click on the AK Website link to your right, select "All About Boot Camp" and then Boot Camp Firsts. Unfortunately the BC Seconds List is years out of date!

Other Boot Camp stories have won first prizes but we have a strict rule that the writer must be in BC at the time of the prize.

NOTE: One heckler post (now removed) criticised the idea of Flashing. This year from 9 First Prizes, at least five were for flashes, two of those flashes won STORY competitions.

Flashing releases the unconscious and we know of many writers who "flash" better stories in 40 minutes to two hours than they do when given days, weeks, months to produce their piece.

Think on that.

But then what do we know?


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