Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Still Quiet, Here's Some Prompts

Wednesday Morning's Boot Camp Prompts

Where is Turin?

Warm Apricot, Sandpaper


Notice of Assessment of Tax

My Boy Lollipop

Mrs Tall and Mr Short

Three Bayonet Grinders, One Polisher


Big Mac

The Man Who Hated Koala Bears

Free Ticket to the Seal Cull: Yeehah!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,

Having just discovered your blog, I am rationing the time I spend reading it - I think you've built up at LEAST an hour or two of pleasant / instructive reading here. Between that and the loads of info in John Dreams and elsewhere on the Boot Camp website, and reading BASS 2005 (trying to do it thoughtfully), I am trying to walk the fine line between info overload and assimilation. Every time I read some of your advice I try to put it into practice - not always posting the results but at least having a go...

Saw a snippet here about the chapel. Wow, I hope you've got it. (Haven't read all the posts). Sounds amazing.