Thursday, November 04, 2021

 Prompts for Bonfire Night

0051 Global warming will never touch her heart
0052 CHINA!
0053 Eventually, someone opens a door
0054 A wild monkey
0055 Let us begin in the middle, slightly confused
0056 Two taverns for every church
0057 Dogs are edible
0058 He waters the lawn. She watches, filled with hate.
0059 Rainbow
0060 The previous tenant killed himself
0061 A magician on holiday
0062 Like a preacher in a whore-house
0063 Tumble
0064 Sometimes buildings get tired
0065 It’s probably February
0066 The world needs waterproof books
0067 Lane swimming
0068 The windows are boarded up
0069 Trees forever
0070 Sometimes sentences need to be long
0071 We swam the waters of our youth
0072 My mother’s false-teeth
0073 Of course I could, but I shall not!
0074 A fat book of terrible poetry
0075 We return after the leaves have fallen

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