Monday, November 09, 2015

Daily Prompts 2776-2800 -
09 November 2015 - 17:55

2776 We are nearly done, let us pause 
2777 The far faint sounds of a winter drum
2778 Paper cuts,sawdust, glue, string
2779 My blood undoes itself, my heart fills with air
2780 A juggler, playing with his balls

2781 You were born here, in an ordinary way
2782 It is time for one of us to go, or both to die
2783 You play me like a straining string
2784 I would like to talk with dolphins and learn to hold my breath
2785 Treading softly on the things I said

2786 I could become this picture, but I pause at the edge
2787 Ships, ships, ships, white, pregnantly heaving
2788 As if the heavens strained and suddenly broke
2789 I am almost innocent
2790 A big fat, yellow moon

2791 I once loved a Polish girl, on a ferry to Ostend
2792 Her hair bloody, matted with snow
2793 The hardest thing is to be loveless
2794 This the way the mourners walked, black, and damp with drizzle
2795 The rough moonlit hedges, the deaths of small creatures

2796 Two riders came, both dark, the larger with a dirty scar
2797 I am anchor-less, a victim of the tides
2798 You could admit it and then move on
2799 After deaths there comes a silence
2800 By the bottle, by the pint and by the jug

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