Saturday, February 28, 2015

Join Boot Camp for a hard-working March?

Why not Join Boot Camp for a hard-working March?

Boot Camp Keegan March Thingee

PROMPTS 2015-052

March Shin-Dig 001

Feb 28 2015 11:15 (Saturday)

1276 It was Saturday night, Sunday, about two a.m.
1277 Write a story "driven by" a specific poem of your choice
1278 This is as good a reason as any to look up
1279 She moves towards me, cheekbones, legs
1280 A story ending: "He walks away, becoming smaller."

1281 Fish, baskets, bones
1282 We die, or we become invisible
1283 Do not trust happiness
1284 Twenty-four days behind a locked steel door
1285 The real pain in a phantom limb

1286 The case of metal in your mouth, the thoughts
1287 I just want to speak to my mother again.
1288 The widow has left us too
1289 A story beginning: "There is no need for you to stop and listen."
1290 In an old woman's dead house, webs are ugly. In morning frost, God.

1291 On the mountain, a screaming
1292 Snowdrops, Crocuses from far away
1293 Dresden
1294 Past old, past faded, somehow still not dead
1295 Pale cost-clerks with very small dreams

1296 Walking round town with "For Sale" written on my head
1297 I dream I climb trees, then leap at clouds
1298 What is left in the boot of my car
1299 How a body strikes the ground after falling
1300 Something will happen soon. It's bound to. Someone will come.


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