Tuesday, September 30, 2014

HE66 6LL

Glad THAT's Over

It's been a horrible, horrible, nightmare four months. I divorced in August 2013, then the new house fell through (I went to Spain briefly, then ended up at the ex's!)   Eventually I found a place but the Landlady's new PostCode was HE66 6LL and it didn't work out.

Took forever to find my fourth place to live (well, one I could afford) and though I found one, I couldn't really afford the move. Then my daughter went back to UNI and my son moved out. OMO for the first time in 40 years!

So I've been traumatised, frightened, broke, physically ripped up, mentally a joke, and as for writing, what's that?

So now I have to re-start, kickstart, get going. I feel empty, lacking affect, but it's October, so I've decided, not to smoke (I never have) and not to drink (argh!), and of course, to begin writing and kicking some Boot Camp arse.

I'll probably be OK for 30 Days or so.

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