Tuesday, February 28, 2012

29 Prompts for Tuesday 05:00

She said her place wasn't far
Finally, you feel the blood coming back
Nothing is square
What if I just didn't know how to love?
Sometimes I float, sometimes I'm too heavy
If I die, hang around a while
Don't laugh at me walking, don't talk about me
Horses passing, their hooves muffled in sacks
You were less than ten yards out
The smell of clock
One of the possibilities is love
It will be beautiful, with candles, soft light, airy music
Forgive us our tuppences
There are various things in the heavens
I woke, wired up, to a famous musician
You've heard the news, right?
A sky like smoked glass, and a smell like steel
I will sing until you hate me
Shitting into a small hole
Old Italians
Just after midnight, if you are quiet
You might be killed once or twice
The way we fit together, enemies
A fox shitting, a rabbit screams
I would gladly kill every cat
I am more than a little tired
This is not about you
Ideally, without regret, but if not, peacefully, at least

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