Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September Blast Early Prompts II

I am out most of Thursday so here is a second set of prompts to cover.

01 Suggested Preparatory Reading

02 I like being outdoors.

03 The quiet life of the night-time computer

04 Shoulder to shoulder, the unemployed...

05 All Saints

06 They say you're proud but you are simply quiet

07 On the wind, is it?

08 Wonder Boys

09 The Book of Magic

10 A story beginning: "I am not lying, but I can't be sure."

11 Penicillin

12 The Art of the Generous exit

13 Sign Here

14 I think it's beetroot

15 Do you fear living?

16 She is writing something in the sand

17 Lundy

18 A Dead Professor, probably male

19 Or Chastity

20 Why I shop at the P O.

21 Cruising

22 Do not go gentle

23 Let me die a young man's death

24 Two Dozen Roses

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