Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prompts Thursday 22nd October

And then by drowning


The three car crash

Wounded bird, tree

We only remember their names

Red Slippers

We ride into battle, our horses do not volunteer

A House with green wallpaper


Rock and Bloody Roll

The Arbortionist's Lunch

I will not come out until someone apologises

I made a sculpture of my father, without a heart

You Have Mail!

How many Eggs for Breakfast, Caesar? (Ate Two, Brute)

The nature of bad jokes

A black cat at midnight, in an unlit coal mine

Grandmother, blood

1 comment:

Alex Keegan said...

I don't think a blog that goes 9 weeks without an entry deserves the adjective "nice"....

I'm afraid I've done a bad job the last 2-3-4 months due to domestic distractions.

But see me go again in 2010, along with a revamped Boot Camp!