Friday, July 10, 2009

Prompts 10 July (01)

When the freeze started it was just cold

They work side by side, opposite, strangers

I ride the wind

My bed is far too large now


He punches in numbers, listens for the buzz

I’ve heard about your hair issues, the SAS

We will take the children


These are not clouds, this is something wrapping

Purrs, coughs, stumbles

A nest of snakes, how it rolls, slides

It’s late but still people come

You know it, you can feel it, rising through you

We were black raincoats and black shoes

This is a story you should not hear

Picnic on a bomb site

I am writing to the council

I need to say something but it takes more than words

With luck, whatever that is

Call me Simple Simon, the others do

I could be out in a year

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