Sunday, December 14, 2008

Further Clarification

I hear tonight that someone, "Rafiki" has noted that TLC was "a temporarily free forum" and that I was only at WD to recruit members.

Does this dummy not think that had I wanted to be sneaky I would not have published that fact publicly?

Yes a non-charging TLC was temporary, but the onset of Writers Dock charging was SONNY's idea. Writers Dock today AFTER I had left, announced they would be charging for membership of TLC. WD brought in charges for new members three months ago and wanted me to charge for TLC at the rate of thirty pounds a month. That was delayed for one reason only; because I told Sonny to wait until TLC members began to score hits and win prizes.

So to clarify. The charging was at the behest of the owner of Writers Dock and it was me who delayed the imposition of the charge.

The ten weeks work, the articles, the stories, the critiques (I have critiqued every single story and flash posted) was completely free.

TLC members have already posted about how much they learned and how disappointed they are.

I repeat I was NOT banned. I left because the situation was impossible.

Alex Keegan


KJSmyling said...

Sorry to see you go. I only ever heard positive things about you and TLC. It's a shame because WD is really short of people with experience who actually know what they're talking about.

Good luck in the future and have a happy christmas etc...


Alex Keegan said...


Trust me, it's their loss. It frustrates me, though to see Rafiki post such rubbish, and the ever-eager GG talk about Sonny's astuteness.

But how dumb ARE people? Do they MISS the fact that SONNY is talking of charging people now? It's there in black and white on the Writers Dock boards.

I appreciate what you say, but "positive things" don't need to be said. Just look at the statistics. Just watch the hits roll in in January. We were 25 people out of EIGHT thousand and yet that 25 out-wrote and out-critted the rest of them.

I know you're a member there, but think on this. Think of how many are there who were there on BBC Get Writing and still write badly and have not grown.

My biggest sadness is all those newbies who will be bogged down in bullshit.

When somebody who crows about being published in Skive, LSS and Rose & Thorn is running and "teaching" a place is doomed.

It's doomed even if it keeps going another ten years.