Saturday, November 15, 2008

Calling all Ex-BootCampers and Gridders

I have a Facebook presence now as:

Alex Boot Camp Keegan

and I've set up a group:

Boot Camp Keegan & Gridders Alumini

(sorry about the spelling)

We are trying to link all those misbegotten souls who were with us in the early days (eg Mimi Carmen, Geri Borcz, Suzanne Proulx, Benjamin Graber) and all those who were with us when we were in MOVING PEN, then those who survived the SCRAWL WARS, those who were with us when we had the Yahoo Gridders presence, those in Boot Camp (not on Yuku) and lastly those in TLC at Writers Dock

Join us, link to me as a friend in Facebook and I'll invite you into the group


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