Monday, December 04, 2006

Phoenix Prize Problems

The response to The Phoenix Prize (and to the previous Frantc Flash) was very poor.

Seventh Quark (meaning ME) lost money on the Frantic Flash.

As entries stand we will lose money on the Phoenix, also.

This is a fantastic opportuntiy for any half-decent writers to win a first prize. Get your entries in NOW!

We need 13 more entries just to break even (a £200 first prize and no place prizes) but I am not prepared to lose on two consecutive competitions.

I'm thus keeping the comp open a little while longer in the hope that the various promised stories arrive.

The following is a FIRST PASS (meaning it's rough and positions could change) which gives an APPROXIMATE standing (in bands) of the stories. The list is to show you ROUGHLY where your story stands but please note that within a band, just because you are first doesn't nmean you are top of that band.

A Good Day For Trumpet Fish
The Big Enigma
Mechanical Animals
Saviour of Mons

The I in the Sky
The Truth Game
Soul Kill
Final Knockings
Not Los Angeles

Cold Bones
Elixir of Youth
Taking Care
Sea Songs & Bladderwrack
The Leg or Oliver's Lamp

Glass Jars
Rough Justice
Poor Daisy
Growing Pains
Crossing the Bridge
The Visitor
The Good Deed
Perpetual Paradise
The Assessment


The Power of One
The End of the World is Done

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