Monday, July 10, 2006

Is This Good?

Answer NO.

The July Blast Continues. We have ten particpating seriously

057 Pieces (Stories, Flashes, the odd poem)
069 Submissions
008 Rejects
005 Hits

and a little over 50,000 words.

Good? Bad?

Well, ten writers, ten days, 50,000 words? 500 a day?

500 a day is what we should be writing ROUTINELY. A blast should mean we are doing twice that, three times that.

And what of thos members not active in the blast, what of spectators? What of casual readers of this blog? What are YOU writing?

At writing conferences I often run a survey of actual writing done in the last ten days. The average reported (and it is probably INFLATED) is 147 words per day.

2-3 months ago, after a brilliant first quarter, Boot Camp went into a partial slump. People weren't working, writing new material, subbing. Of course it didn't notice for quite a while as the hits were still coming so people felt good.

But the pain comes 6 weeks later, 8 weeks later, three months later, when the pipes run dry, when all those stories you didn't write, aren't out there...

Look at this, and this is a highly motivated group:


032 Jan
022 Feb
017 Mar
026 Apr
017 May
005 Jun
005 Jul

So we will need this July Blast, a big push in August, a hard-working September, another blst in October, a November blitz and a subs push in December.

It doesn't end. You have to do the work, and then work some more.

And the best bit is, with quanitty comes higher quality.

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